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only the young die young

27 Mar

currently i am experiencing more than 24 hours without my cellphone; left it in my uncle’s car only to be realized when he reached home. feelin’ a bit of lifelessness. right now i wish i could have a luxurious leather ogawa massage chair that would untangle the knots in my neck muscles.

it’s time

27 Feb

just bought new running shoes; and it’s about time (as sarimah says in the biggest loser asia) to cut the fat! now seriously i wish the spm results would be announced later so that there will be enough time for me to lose the flab. or at least look like i used to look like in school. i don’t want friends see me in my current condition.

anyways, totally random stuff here.

p/s. this is my first post via windows live writer. 😀

immature uneasiness.

20 Mar

i admit at times i do feel immature. in terms of everything. i have this perplex feeling of inferiority especially when i stumbled upon some teenagers at my age writing about something that totally out of my perspective. politics, environmental issues, poverty.

recently i came across a seventeen-year-old friend’s friend, wrote about the PPSMI debacle, and i really think that the article is very intellectual. amazing, i thought. and i felt stupid.

i always looked up on you guys out there who can manage to post on their blogs on these serious topics and all, and i do feel small when i read up your articles.
how do i say this delicately.
precocious teenagers out there, you got my jealousy. please, continue aspiring me.
and tell me how to rid this inferiority.