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if anybody still actually care

11 Jul


stay put,

11 Oct

for that i know everytime sorrow and grief hits upon me – there are people people bearing pain 100 times more.

21 Aug

oh hello. lunch break, MUN conference. i guess being surrounded by smarter, younger crowd does make you feel abit insecure. i wish i was younger.

i really don’t know what should i blog about atm. urgh.

16 Feb

The most selfish one letter word

I, Avoid it at all costs.

The most satisfying two letter word

We, Use it every day.

The most poisonous three letter word

Ego, Kill it with kindness.

The most used four letter word

Love, Value it forever.

The most pleasing five letter word

Smile, Keep it on your face.

The fastest spreading six letter word

Rumors, Ignore it with truth.

The hardest working seven letter word

Success, Achieve it with friends.

The most enviable eight letter word

Jealousy, Distance it by ignoring it.

The most powerful nine letter word

Knowledge, Acquire it by learning.

The most essential ten letter word

Confidence, Trust it with your heart.

leica M8 special white edition

12 Feb


you can’t even spell eclectic correctly

11 Feb

ada hati nak gelakkan aku.

*dust off shoulder*

it’s only 12:19 and everybody’s asleep

19 Jan

why i am hearing sounds? since when my sliding doors make rattling sounds at nights? and who’s stomping on my ceiling?

yes i just watched supernatural.

but i swear i heard something.