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say another prayer then fly away from here

26 Apr

according to plan, i’ll be in penang for three days, then kedah and perlis for the weekend, and bukit tinggi, pahang for another three, next week.


dannok; 16th february

17 Feb

oh my god i am so frickin’ fat – and i discovered this from looking at the pics taken during the trip. no wonder my 28″ jeans are getting tighter. so some pictures of me here are edited to mask my fat, chubby face. hehs.

oh, hello there!

this trip was kinda impromptu, as apparently my cousin and i actually planned to go for chendol (it’s 36°c outside, scorching hot) at the changlun highway near napoh. so we borrowed my aunt’s car and she asked us to send her to her bf’s place. her bf had another idea instead; evening snack at dannok, thailand. it’s been around ten years since i last went there. so we decided to go for it. her bf actually works around the border around bukit kayu hitam so basically he frequents dannok.

it’s already 5ish when we arrived at the immigration point at the border and there were throngs of people! it’s cny and i think some people are still in their holidays. but lucky us, my aunt’s bf knew some people and things went easy for us. and an added advantage that he speaks basic thai too. and before we know it, we’re in thailand!


more shops.

and more shops, just wanted to show the thai wordings actually. hehehe.

my impression, i think dannok is a shopping haven if you don’t mind the mess, noise and crowd. you can have cheap stuffs here and haggling isn’t an option, it’s a must! and for us, we went straight to our food – roasted beef! it’s kinda weird to have roasted beef as snacks in our country but it all seems so normal here, everyone eats that.

all smoky there.

the wooden mortar which they prepare som tam - a delicacy.

the supposedly artistic shot.

and the next pic, i only came to realise this i uploaded it into the pc.

aah, no wonder the food tastes nice. thanks, thai lady.


my dear god! haihs, eaten the food already, what to do, what to do…

ok i do not usually patronise stalls like this, but heck, who am i to complain in this situation.

waiting for the food, me acting paiseh.

this supposedly highlights the thai wordings on the bottle, notice that we turned it towards the camera. (compare previous picture)

aand here’s the food!

looks simple, tastes nothing like what we have in malaysia.

the beef is char-grilled with spices so tender, and the dipping, spicy-ketchupy-smoky-sauce with coriander bits inside and those white bits? chilli seeds. it compliments the beef and the combination will leave you wanting moar and moar! it’s served with a plate of raw cabbage and cucumber, an interesting and refreshing contrast to the sinfully-grilled beef.

aunt's bf. his yellow shirt is eclipsed the yummy piece. sorry.

aunt. the look on her face dominated the supposedly-highlighted beef. sorry.

me. the double chin and chubbiness of my face overshadowed the scrumptious piece of meat. sorry.

after we nommed the beef clear, my aunt wanted to buy some things, and we tagged along. back in the car, straight to a shopping complex. along the way, i saw a whole lot more stalls selling food like pulut ayam and pulut mangga, you can get these glutinous rice condiments in perlis. i like them quite as well. also, numerous entertainment clubs, discos, cheap hotels, spas and even dangdut clubs (i thought dangdut was indonesian?) are publicly advertised on signboards. no wonder dannnok is among the favourite hotspot to so many malaysian men; it’s close to the country border, yet so many entertainment stuffs that we don’t have at home are here.

an entertainment house near the shopping complex. can see sexy girls if you pass by the door. hehehe.

and i come to realize that the thais are very open minded. very liberal. the next picture was taken outside a shopping complex.

the public can really see what are you buying, and what colour is your innerwear. talk about judgmental people, like me.

and we went shopping. i didn’t buy anything though. nothing that interests me as the place mainly sells clothings that i don’t usually wear. like work wear, women wear and of course, lingerie. but i found something cute! you might know that elephants are synonymous to thailand, and they love the animal. this picture was taken inside the store.

two mini elephants!

after the shopping, we went around town for a while, and while doing that, guess what? guess la. don’t be so lame, haihs.

we bumped into a REAL LIVE ELEPHANT!

the elephant! from inside the car.

my aunt, my cousin and was really really excited to see it, but my aunt’s bf was acting cool. i snapped the blurry picture and was happily looking at the elephant from inside the car. and suddenly my aunt’s bf pulled over and asked us to come out of the car. he went to the elephant and talked to the man on the ellie, and called all of us to come closer! but we were not really sure and hesitated in excitement (ironically) as the creature was so GYNORMOUS! it was waaaay bigger than i ever expected. a real beast! apparently it was a business, where the man on the back of the elephant sells sugarcane pieces (20 bhat per plastic bag) to tourists, and we supposedly feed the elephant. and we did!

no butterflies in our stomachs, but an elephant instead! so nervous.

and the elephant nommed like there was no tomorrow! it was gentle and nice towards us. maybe because it liked me. hehehe. i touched the elephant, it was hairy and coarse. but it reacted back by trying to grab my slippers with its trunk! so scary! and of course, it wouldn’t be complete with some more pictures.

hehe, he's scared.

nice shot, but i'm the one who snapped it, sobs. not in...

me acting jacoon, touching the beast. my cousin still there, stealing my thunder...

touching it! amirul, enough with the face. notice that he's doing the same face in all pictures.

but i sympathized towards the elephant. it was not in its element. come on, an elephant in the city? yeah sure it’s attractive for us tourists, and it makes money to the owner. but the elephant? is the welfare well taken? was it washed and cared properly? i hope it is. it seemed so helpless with the man on the back in control of the animal. pity elephant.

post frolicking the elephant, we decided to head home as it was already 7ish. it was a nice experience to have once in a while, to visit a neighbouring country. the road towards malaysia is congested, and on the car, i noticed a mini monument near the exit of thailand with their king and queen on it. they’re so patriotic.

monument or what? i don't know what to call this.

and past this monument, was the thai immigration checkpoint. what a wonderful day trip i had! three hours spent on foreign land. and though they say the grass is always greener on the other side, i think it’s greener here in malaysia.

goodbye thailand, or as they say it, สวัสดีครับ - sawatdee khrap!

siapa nak vote saya?

25 Jan

saya nak pergi hanoi, vote lah saya kalau dapat.

stumbled across this,
someone call PETA!