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love yourself, ’cause i love moiself

18 Oct

cause at the end of the day – it’s back to just you, and yourself. today, for some reasons unknown – i feel amazing. i feel that i really really love myself and the fact that i never fail to amaze myself from time to time – is simply amazing! ok i’m sounding slightly narcissistic but wth.

reason’s for me to love myself –

  1. People and things will come and go in life. But I have myself for the rest of my life, and I will never be able to escape from myself, so it’s a good idea to get along well and establish a loving relationship with the person I will live with for the rest of my life.
  2. If I am loving myself and treating myself well, I am actually setting up boundaries of how much people around me can affect me, and people just won’t have the power to hurt myself. Because if I don’t hurt myself, why would I allow others to hurt, mistreat or abuse me?
  3. Loving myself means that I can be whoever I want, without having to meet any sort of ‘expectations’ set by others around me. I know what I deserve, and I respect my desires, needs and wants so I don’t simply settle for less.
  4. I come to a realization that if I love myself, I won’t need anything or anyone to fulfill my needs to make me happy. There’s simply no ‘gaps’ to be filled whereas when I am alone, or with people. In that way, I seek company of others because I want to share who I am, not because I am depend on others around me. (:
  5. Loving myself means that I’m taking responsibility of my own life and happiness. My decisions, choices, feelings, emotions, are mine and nobody else’s. My life is what I make of it; my relationships are what I make of them. There is no need to blame others for my pain or misery.
  6. When I love and respect the person I am, I’ll develop healthier relationships with others. I respect people around me better, they way that I wan them to respect me from who I am! (:

and with that, i conclude that nurturing self-love is one of the best thing one can do to oneself. as clichéd as this might sound, it’s true – love yourself before you love others! if i can do it, you can! (wow i sound like a motivator hahaha wtf)

15 Oct

amor platonicus

10 Feb

ignore the boring excerpt unless you like greek civilisation history. i do. 🙂

Platonic love, in its modern popular sense, is a non-sexual affectionate relationship. A simple example of Platonic relationships is a deep, non-sexual friendship, not subject to gender pairings and including close relatives.

hi, i'm plato, the supposedly smart greek guy. jyeah, i introduced this platonic love thingy. platonic - plato? makes sense? thee hee hee.

The term amor platonicus was coined as early as the 15th century by the Florentine scholar Marsilio Ficino as a synonym for amor socraticus. Platonic love in this original sense of the term is examined in Plato’s dialogue the Symposium, which has as its topic the subject of love or Eros generally. Of particular importance there are the ideas attributed to the prophetess Diotima, which present love as a means of ascent to contemplation of the Divine. For Diotima, and for Plato generally, the most correct use of love of other human beings is to direct ones mind to love of Divinity.

In short, with genuine Platonic love, the beautiful or lovely other person inspires the mind and the soul and directs ones attention to spiritual things. One proceeds from recognition on another’s beauty, to appreciation of Beauty as it exists apart from any individual, to consideration of Divinity, the source of Beauty, to love of Divinity. The spiritual ideas of Platonic love — as well as the fundamental spiritual emphasis of all of Plato’s writings — have been de-emphasized over the last two centuries.”

– from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

as far as i remember, i came across a lot of these platonic love elements in some books that i read or movies i watched. maybe it’s the st. valentines’ day atmosphere, but only today, i came to realize that i’m actually in a platonic relationship. it’s between me and a girl friend.

we knew each since fourteen, and we’re best friends ever since. we shared stories almost daily, and i think i probably know her more than her bf. i think.

let’s hear some stories. some time ago, i came to the fact that she actually saved my name as ‘Atifa’ in her phone. i thought it’s funny and to make it even, (yeah, i too, don’t know why it had to be ‘even’) i changed her name to ‘Mizan’ in my phone. and today i feel  like sharing a funny text conversation we just had today.

me    : hi, atifa here.

her   : mizan here! haha, retard.

me    : it’s funny to think  that mizan and atifa are bff’s in lalaland.

me    : and atifa is a blonde

her   : gedik. atifa is an african.

me    : BLONDE african ok. and mizan is a skinny  indonesian mat rempit with puffy hair.

her   : ya. i think mizan sounds like that type of guy. my god! change his name!

me    : no. it’s gonna be mizan forever. mizan mizan mizan.

i think it’s funny. and yeah she’s my bff in real life, too.


postscript – to a reader out there, someone told me about you! call that person in tronoh and tell that i posted this. hehehe. cheers.

the judg-mentalist

8 Feb

i hope i can

what’s my biggest weakness?

i like to judge people; both moral and personal judgments.

is this bad for me? i can’t help but to have these thoughts about what i see. i hate it if it’s something nasty, i’ll feel very bad but i can’t help the thought. i judge people by how they act, what they wear, what’s their ride and who’s their cliques. help me change my perspective.

i don’t want to be negative.

the one with the two wheels

4 Feb

no, no, NO, NO!

today summarized: i passed the the jpj motorcycle test, ftw! and it got me tanned badly; as the black asphalt reacted to the sun rays; not that merciful towards the skin at 11.30am near noon. next week would be the automobile test.

last night: went to the optician to fix some new glasses, the power’s up! it’s around 500 now. no good. and it’s the most expensive pair i ever had since i ever worn spectacles (jyeah that’s 11 years ago). it’s going to have ZEISS optics, could be like the one in your camera lens okaay.

and the picture? a random found on google image. 🙂


9 Jan

since the end of school, i apparently have left with nothing much to do (except for the driving license and internet). what happened was i sat online or watched tv all day.

so i kinda decided to work. tell me what mall i didn’t go in kl for jobhunting. last thursday, i scouted (on foot and public transport) pavilion, bb plaza, sungei wang, low yat plaza, the weld, klcc and menara standard chartered. (the next day i went to kompleks kraf at jalan conlay; interviewed and got the job but the pay was crap and it’s in mid valley, damn far away). yeah i really don’t know what’s up about the thing on malls; as if other places don’t have vacancies. haha.

(i noticed that people who works in retail eg. sales assistant, most of  them can be said attractive. and i don’t think i fall into that category. *low self-esteem* )

anyway the process of job application is kinda complicated as you will be asked of photocopies of thingamajigs. i ended up spending more than rm15 for photocopies only. crazy.

after the kompleks kraf interview, me and my cousin (we did the jobhunting together) went to pavilion for lunch (but ended up eating at hilton korner – the food was feroshabuloutastic). i went to the toilet and she held my phone. when i finished my business, she told me both of us officially got a job!

someone from giant called and said that we are cashiers now! it’s a new giant outlet; a very large outlet mind you – 25 cashier lanes! and the pay was a total bomb (for us) – rm10 per hour. the only problem is it’s located in desa petaling. haihs. we’ll figure the way there.

so today i went for the training at giant OUG at old klang road, and the reality – it’s a tiring job. apparently standing and pounding the cash register, memorising passwords for different credit cards (visa, mastercard etc.), packing the goods in plastic bags and yet make sure the cash in the register is in the right amount drains a lot of energy. but still bearable lah. 😉

and what i learned, cashiers cannot use phones while on duty. and we can’t have our own cash during work, as we may get accused of stealing if there were any short of cash in the register. talk about meticulous. and the cashiers at giant OUG was really friendly and funny. their antics never failed to make all us trainees smile. maybe that’s how they managed nine hours of cashiering daily.

tomorrow, i’ll still have training, and it’s gonna be about customer service. wish me luck peeps. i’ll be slaving myself happily working in giant soon. ahhh just smile and *beep*. like this kitkat commercial.

*and i got my own, very first, spanking new, yellow colored punch card! bangga hell*

dream college(s).

6 Jan

 possible? you bet 😉

 can i do this? hell yeah.


 a reality? why not; i ask.
 i really do need good results.
*pray pray*