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17 Mar

not gonna give up. fill up the forms. ace the essays. we’ll fight. god shall help us.

i’m not sticking with the status quo.

bang bang bang

10 Mar

tomorrow is the day, and everything is so lovely and blithe. it’s coming it’s coming yet the sun is so honey and the sky are just angel blue. my lips are chapped but i’m happy. hope this lasts. (:

and some random awesome find, enjoy. (:

it’s time

27 Feb

just bought new running shoes; and it’s about time (as sarimah says in the biggest loser asia) to cut the fat! now seriously i wish the spm results would be announced later so that there will be enough time for me to lose the flab. or at least look like i used to look like in school. i don’t want friends see me in my current condition.

anyways, totally random stuff here.

p/s. this is my first post via windows live writer. 😀

dream college(s).

6 Jan

 possible? you bet 😉

 can i do this? hell yeah.


 a reality? why not; i ask.
 i really do need good results.
*pray pray* 


21 Mar

to me its nothing but a fad. “show the world that malaysia’s united”, the ad says. yeah right. to me, its just a symbology. it’s not the real deal, chap.
situation; living hall; earth hour ad on tv;
  • auntie A : eah how to watch news ah that time… all lights turn off edy…
  • auntie B : aiyah, you just turn off your lights, TV stil can on… 
  •   i also wonder that time how to cope, so hot hor without aircon..
  • auntie A : ya la, we just turn off the lights so that people can see we care..
yeah. SHOW people that we care.
another case, our school held an oath taking ceremony for PMR and SPM students last month, attended by our parents.
as we students, in high spirits took our oath, a thought crossed my mind. will what we promised today will be practiced, or its just merely a show to the parents? symbology.
and for the earth hour? i’m studying. i’ve got my SPM, babe. 😉