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hi there, again.

31 Jan

a fresh start

it’s me, yeah you probably went to blogger. but here i am, a new place.

i just thought it’s simpler and easier. plus i hate clichés.

make yourself at home. 😉


an official return

29 Dec

hey peeps. seriously the blog-abandoning-syndrome symptoms are biting me right now. so i’m planning for a comeback into the blogosphere, yay me! well i haven’t really officially thought of anything to write about… really less and less juice flowing nowadays… any ideas?

anyway, some updates :

finished spm (duh)

having my driving license

applying for a rm100/day job

hunting for scholarships

learning french

infected by the potato couch virus

got a new nephew!

and waaay to much social interview on fb.

and i do really miss FRIENDS. oh how i loove Joey and Ross, did you see the episode where… no, not the TV show. my friends over in school. whichever school they are in 😉

till then. see ya!

long gone the the beautiful days of kangar.

Potong Saga – Ho Yuhang

25 Aug

a funny yet ironic short film by Malaysian filmmaker Ho Yuhang in the 15Malaysia project, about a Chinese boy’s misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account, (involving circumcision!) watch it. notice that the main actor is Namewee, the guy who messed up our national anthem in YouTube some time ago.

i’ll post another short film by the late Yasmin Ahmad soon.


25 Aug

not the kinda juice you buy in tesco. juice as in substance. haihs. nowadays i rarely got any idea on what to write about. conclusion: i’m not juicy enuff. do we really need ideas? or i can actually write aimlessly. like what am i doing right now. HAR HAR.

question: do you post about personal problems/encounters/private matters in your blog?


6 Jun


saturday roundup

21 Mar

today i went to damansara to pickup my spanking new passport around 9ish in the morning. i went to apply for a new passport last monday as mine has expired, but albeit the new “siap dalam dua jam” policy, i was too lazy too wait then. so today my dad drove me to the immigration department and voila!yeah i’m ready to runaway from home; yet sadly only to perlis as the holiday has come to its end. 😦

saturday voyage doesn’t end there, my dad sent me to the national library, second trip for the week in fact, so that i can finish up my NILAM project. and that is because, err, just so you know that *ahem* i am apparently tokoh nilam negeri perlis for 2009.;)  the last time i went to the library was when i was in 3rd form, where we had to do a history folio on malaysian traditional wedding. then, it was with my cousin afzy, and this time i was all by myself. the library is okay to me, not that great, a bit messy to some other libraries went before and the library staff were not that warm.

libraries wasn’t the likely place for me to hangout on saturdays, where you’ll meet completely different clique of people compared to those you see in sungei wang or pavilion. prescription glasses are by far the eyewear of choice rather than ray bans or jackie-o’s that are ubiquitous in malls aforementioned.  simply put, smarter people. no nonsense whateverdoings. you really got my respect, bookworms. there are, a lot of them, actually.
and came night, my aunt wanted to treat me some dinner. i wanted to eat wendy’s at jusco setiawangsa but she said that it was no good. we discussed and brainstormed, and we ended up in two options, tgif or manhattan fish market. i chose manhatfish as it was closer to my house, the ampang park outlet. so we went there, with my brother and my aunt’s two-year old son. i noticed there’s a new nasi lemak antarabangsa outlet opened beside manhatfish. amusingly we were the only patron in manhatfish; the outlet was empty! nonetheless we proceeded with the menu, and we ordered some flaming prawns and platters. somehow the food wasn’t as fab as usual. this is our first visit to the ampang park outlet by the way. we asked the waiter to pack the leftovers. anyway, thanks maksu.

i’ll be returning to my mundane life tomorrow. i really do miss perlis by the way. concluded that this holidays pretty much sucks.

pray that i won’t forget this blog.



21 Mar

to me its nothing but a fad. “show the world that malaysia’s united”, the ad says. yeah right. to me, its just a symbology. it’s not the real deal, chap.
situation; living hall; earth hour ad on tv;
  • auntie A : eah how to watch news ah that time… all lights turn off edy…
  • auntie B : aiyah, you just turn off your lights, TV stil can on… 
  •   i also wonder that time how to cope, so hot hor without aircon..
  • auntie A : ya la, we just turn off the lights so that people can see we care..
yeah. SHOW people that we care.
another case, our school held an oath taking ceremony for PMR and SPM students last month, attended by our parents.
as we students, in high spirits took our oath, a thought crossed my mind. will what we promised today will be practiced, or its just merely a show to the parents? symbology.
and for the earth hour? i’m studying. i’ve got my SPM, babe. 😉