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remember what you told me

21 Nov

that i won’t make it?

guess what, i’m on my way.



17 Jun

ok some short updates coz i’m just too lazy nao,

today at 9 went to malaysia airports office, interview for their scholarship

at 2 to sime darby convention centre, final stage scholarship interview.

i’m too lazy to write all, summarize – i really sucked MAHB interview, but i liked the SD one.

it was SO FUNNY one. omg seriously, didn’t expect that. i’ll tell you some of the conversations.

there were two assessors in the room. assessor 1 – A1, assessor 2 – A2, me – M

dialog 1

A1 – hello, i’m puan … and this is puan …

A2 – eh, cik la, bukan puan…

M – oh, ok… hi

A2 – no lah, not applicable to you.

M – (-.-)’ – ( i find this funny ‘coz i did not expect the assessor to be like really friendly ok, like it’s not an assesment at all.)

dialog 2

M – i want to study in the states, specifically UPenn…

A2 – good, wow… you watched prince of persia? you know, the lead, he graduated from UPenn too…

M – the princess tamina?

A2 – no lah… what tamina tamina… JAKE GYLENHAAL laaa..

A1 – did you know that mr. bean graduated from oxford?

A2 – ya ka? wow… our hollywood stars nowadays very smart aaahhh…

M – (-.-)’

dialog 3

A1 – any other questions?

M – can you give me the scholarship?



ok people wish me luck. hehehe. (:

bad reputation

2 Jun

Quinn: I never meant to hurt anybody.
Will: I know.
Quinn: I was captain of the cheerleading squad, president of the Celibacy Club, I had Finn, people would part like the Red Sea when I walked down the hallway. Now, I’m invisible.
Will: And you think beeing seen as a cheap tramp is better?
Quinn: A bad reputation is better than no reputation at all.

poor Quinn. ):

i’ll never be the same; if we ever meet again

12 May

seriously i’m having this impulse to do a makeover of some sort towards this blog. i might even consider moving back to blogger.

reasons :

  1. wordpress doesn’t allow me to meddle with its css codes. no custom templates for me. so i’m basically stuck to their available templates.
  2. wordpress hates java/flash. i can’t put up a chatbox, custom slideshows or stuffs like that.
  3. wordpress would not allow me to advertise.
  4. we don’t ‘follow’ other blogs. there’s something called ‘readomattic’ which i haven’t fully optimised the usage. apparently it’s integrated with twitter, too (which i do not actively utilize). and it’s hidden waaaay inside, versus blogger’s ‘reader’ which greets you on the dashboard. and you can only have feeds by wordpress sites only! *sigh*
  5. lots of you guys dwell blogger! that translates to most of you feeling lazy to leave me comments, and being unseen…
  6. there’s more but i can’t remember at the moment. *note – will update list if anything crosses mind.

and guess what, all of these features will be fully enabled. if i pay wordpress to hold my own domain.

on the other hand, i really like some of wordpress’ feature, which to me, are otherworldly. i love :

  1. the built-in stats. you’ll know how many hits you have (they even break it down for you – daily, weekly and monthly), where do your readers come from, what they clicked on your site and whatever phrases people googled, that eventually led them to your site. awesome innit? it’s almost like knowing who’s here, for what reasons. (never failed to make me feel like a spy, every time!)
  2. the fact that wordpress’ gives you more storage, that’s 3gb compared to 1gb of blogger’s. nothing much actually, but it justifies the fact that i got something more than you blogspotters. ha!
  3. the templates despite it’s not really customizable (headers don’t count as customizations), it’s really pretty and sleek! it looks pro, clean and most important, i like it.
  4. the spam protection – wordpress gives one of the best – no doubt!

it’s really depressing and dilemmatic. i can’t advertise! i can’t customize! but i love this site!

*though it’s unlikely that i would get any feedbacks, i’ll still shamelessly ask* what do you guys think?

p/s – anyway i’m totally digging this song at the moment.

is it me or is it them?

23 Apr

of countless forms, essays and applications i sent for scholarships, apparently i haven’t managed to secure any interviews. none. zero. zilch. and it has always been the case of ‘maaf, permohonan anda tidak berjaya.’

i’ll be lying to say that i ain’t feel nothing. it’s not easy to see your close friends called to this and that interview, receiving various offers and even secure a scholarship when you are stuck with nothing. (and for the record, yes i am offered to do matriculation in negeri sembilan. i am grateful for this, but this is no scholarship whatever, right?)

of course i’m happy for you guys who made it. and the very best of luck to those who are waiting for their interview verdicts. yet at the same time, the thought of having to see you depart from the airport, going to another country and experiencing life, studying there, visiting places during summer and celebrating hari raya at the malaysian consulate every year kills me badly. don’t get me wrong here, i’ll still love you for whatever reasons. it’s just hard to see someone  having something that you dreamt of for years, while you were stuck with nothing. not even a chance to prove your worth. not even a single shot.

perhaps right now i’m sounding desperate and ridiculous. let’s just stop here.

but no i’m not giving up. you’ll see me there some time. just, not now.

p.s – i’m not a failure, okay.


18 Mar

for some reasons recently i feel the urge to do some outdoorsy activities. so i made a list of this outdoorsy thingy i ought to do before i turn thirty.

  1. hiking
  2. scuba diving
  3. rock climbing
  4. parasailing
  5. surfing (no, not the internet)
  6. camping (no i haven’t been to a real one)
  7. skiing/snowboarding
  8. jungle trekking
  9. ATV-ing
  10. hang gliding

bisa nggak dilaku’in? of course!

it’s time

27 Feb

just bought new running shoes; and it’s about time (as sarimah says in the biggest loser asia) to cut the fat! now seriously i wish the spm results would be announced later so that there will be enough time for me to lose the flab. or at least look like i used to look like in school. i don’t want friends see me in my current condition.

anyways, totally random stuff here.

p/s. this is my first post via windows live writer. 😀