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and i converted

2 Feb

yesterday was hari wilayah, and my dad was not working. he’s been complaining that he had not had the chance to watch the movie avatar, so he asked me to accompany him to watch avatar 3d at tgv klcc, despite the known fact that i watched the movie twice. (oh now i realise know why avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time)

neytiri… all bare in the movie. lol.

i checked the screening time online, and we decided to go for the 5.45pm screening. so off to klcc. while lining up at the inevitable queue, i thought about not watching the movie and told my dad ’bout it. we struck a deal, of which that i would not watch the movie, and he would give me the amount of which the ticket costs (rm18 as it’s 3d). ka-ching! such ingenious way to score some extra cash right? and of course i got more than what the ticket costs. 😉

what to do with exactly 2 hours and 43 minutes? now we start talking about the thing that led to my conversion.

fact; i love reading. i love it more than maths. more than biology. more than watching the telly. and probably more than history (or probably not). i love novels, short stories, and whatever with words on it. ok i’m exaggerating, but you get the idea.

more than usually, i’ll get my stash at mph, ever since the early days of my voracious reading. probably because i don’t have other options (i hate popular; i only buy reference/exercise books there) when i was staying in penang then. and of course, perlis was no better at this.

Kane and Abel
kane and abel

i went out with firdaus last thursday, and during the outing i went to kinokuniya for a short time as my friend wanted to buy a birthday card, and inevitably (i love this word) bought a book; kane and abel – jeffrey archer. it was nothing much as i hadn’t spent so much time in the store. well, yesterday i had almost 3 hours to kill, and what better thing to do – swim in the sea of books at kino! what an experience. i love the nonchalant ambiance, compared to the more ‘formal feel’ of mph. i discovered it had two levels, and the upper level had a coffee kiosk! the shop (or book gallery, as supposed by kino) had full glass walls overlooking the klcc park, so you can actually enjoy the dancing fountain, while sipping your warm mocha with a nice, engaging novel in your hand! so cool, right? another interesting point to add, the kino had this touchscreen computer in almost every corners of their premise, that you can search up a book that you want, and you can frickin’ PRINT the map of where the book is located. like, how tech-savvier a bookstore could get?

The Pillars of the Earth
the pillars of the earth

so for almost three (short!) hours, i sat, read, watch people, eavesdrop, and (inevitably, again) bought another book; the pillars of the earth – ken follett. and i officially converted, from mph to kino. i will definitely come back. often. i can live there. haha.

anyways, post avatar 3d, my dad said the movie was awesome, with pandora and everything, except for the eye strain and dizziness from the 3d.

avatar dizzy

probably like this, haha.

the test

1 Feb


passed! P is next.

ok officially i’m having my jpj test for motorcycle on this 4th, and 11th for the car. i’m really hoping that i pass this test, once and for all.

Potong Saga – Ho Yuhang

25 Aug

a funny yet ironic short film by Malaysian filmmaker Ho Yuhang in the 15Malaysia project, about a Chinese boy’s misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account, (involving circumcision!) watch it. notice that the main actor is Namewee, the guy who messed up our national anthem in YouTube some time ago.

i’ll post another short film by the late Yasmin Ahmad soon.