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the one with the two wheels

4 Feb

no, no, NO, NO!

today summarized: i passed the the jpj motorcycle test, ftw! and it got me tanned badly; as the black asphalt reacted to the sun rays; not that merciful towards the skin at 11.30am near noon. next week would be the automobile test.

last night: went to the optician to fix some new glasses, the power’s up! it’s around 500 now. no good. and it’s the most expensive pair i ever had since i ever worn spectacles (jyeah that’s 11 years ago). it’s going to have ZEISS optics, could be like the one in your camera lens okaay.

and the picture? a random found on google image. 🙂

the test

1 Feb


passed! P is next.

ok officially i’m having my jpj test for motorcycle on this 4th, and 11th for the car. i’m really hoping that i pass this test, once and for all.