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february is ending

27 Feb

complacency is one of the evilest form of evil. it makes you feel good, even when you are not. it deters self-improvement, and it develops contentment of current circumstances.

ladies and gentlemen, my AS trials is coming within a month and i should be freaking out right now. but i am not, that’s the biggest problem. the fact that i did not actually do very well in the previous semester test aggravates this situation. i have no idea right now, what i am doing in college. seriously.

i do not think i have enough time, i don’t know. in the back of my mind, there’s always this voice reminding me that, i do have a life to attend apart from studying. but the thing is, my life at the moment by right, IS studying. and i forget sometime, that i am only in the very beginning of my journey. now it seems like so much is going on when in fact, nothing is actually going on.

to tell you the truth, i am worried. but it worries me even more that i am not doing something about my worries. i feel sort of sick, really.

one week without facebook? :O

30 Sep

facebook has sucked away most of my time. remember those days where you would actually go around your friends’ place and hang out? haih.

i’m spending so much time on facebook it disgusts myself. i am saying enough.

i am really in need of a facebook detox – thus i will start my one week w/o facebook challenge on the 1st of september 2010!


p/s – should i include twitter? // yes i should (:

ew ew

14 Sep

ok i’m having these rashes around my neck – itchy and blister-ish. not fun at all! 😦

and raya celebration have been okay, though i can’t wait for college. till then. 🙂

en su bolsillo

5 Apr

quick updates; i went to watch the malaysia f1 petronas grand prix last sunday. check out the pictures here.

and right now i just got back from klcc, firdaus is here for his pnb scholarship iq test, and we watched clash of the titans. firdaus watched this movie thrice and planned for the fourth run.

and i’ll be away to kedah for the whole week. bye.

and and and, enjoy this. (:


17 Mar

not gonna give up. fill up the forms. ace the essays. we’ll fight. god shall help us.

i’m not sticking with the status quo.

bang bang bang

10 Mar

tomorrow is the day, and everything is so lovely and blithe. it’s coming it’s coming yet the sun is so honey and the sky are just angel blue. my lips are chapped but i’m happy. hope this lasts. (:

and some random awesome find, enjoy. (:

it’s time

27 Feb

just bought new running shoes; and it’s about time (as sarimah says in the biggest loser asia) to cut the fat! now seriously i wish the spm results would be announced later so that there will be enough time for me to lose the flab. or at least look like i used to look like in school. i don’t want friends see me in my current condition.

anyways, totally random stuff here.

p/s. this is my first post via windows live writer. 😀