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february is ending

27 Feb

complacency is one of the evilest form of evil. it makes you feel good, even when you are not. it deters self-improvement, and it develops contentment of current circumstances.

ladies and gentlemen, my AS trials is coming within a month and i should be freaking out right now. but i am not, that’s the biggest problem. the fact that i did not actually do very well in the previous semester test aggravates this situation. i have no idea right now, what i am doing in college. seriously.

i do not think i have enough time, i don’t know. in the back of my mind, there’s always this voice reminding me that, i do have a life to attend apart from studying. but the thing is, my life at the moment by right, IS studying. and i forget sometime, that i am only in the very beginning of my journey. now it seems like so much is going on when in fact, nothing is actually going on.

to tell you the truth, i am worried. but it worries me even more that i am not doing something about my worries. i feel sort of sick, really.