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love yourself, ’cause i love moiself

18 Oct

cause at the end of the day – it’s back to just you, and yourself. today, for some reasons unknown – i feel amazing. i feel that i really really love myself and the fact that i never fail to amaze myself from time to time – is simply amazing! ok i’m sounding slightly narcissistic but wth.

reason’s for me to love myself –

  1. People and things will come and go in life. But I have myself for the rest of my life, and I will never be able to escape from myself, so it’s a good idea to get along well and establish a loving relationship with the person I will live with for the rest of my life.
  2. If I am loving myself and treating myself well, I am actually setting up boundaries of how much people around me can affect me, and people just won’t have the power to hurt myself. Because if I don’t hurt myself, why would I allow others to hurt, mistreat or abuse me?
  3. Loving myself means that I can be whoever I want, without having to meet any sort of ‘expectations’ set by others around me. I know what I deserve, and I respect my desires, needs and wants so I don’t simply settle for less.
  4. I come to a realization that if I love myself, I won’t need anything or anyone to fulfill my needs to make me happy. There’s simply no ‘gaps’ to be filled whereas when I am alone, or with people. In that way, I seek company of others because I want to share who I am, not because I am depend on others around me. (:
  5. Loving myself means that I’m taking responsibility of my own life and happiness. My decisions, choices, feelings, emotions, are mine and nobody else’s. My life is what I make of it; my relationships are what I make of them. There is no need to blame others for my pain or misery.
  6. When I love and respect the person I am, I’ll develop healthier relationships with others. I respect people around me better, they way that I wan them to respect me from who I am! (:

and with that, i conclude that nurturing self-love is one of the best thing one can do to oneself. as clichéd as this might sound, it’s true – love yourself before you love others! if i can do it, you can! (wow i sound like a motivator hahaha wtf)