sayang i don’t deserve you

27 Sep

this might sound like a bitch post – never intended it that way.

to look back at things, it rekindles a sudden sense of stupidity all that was. all those jokes and songs, those cookies and lattes. good ‘ol days. we were so young then, baby. so young.

but it’s a good thing though that things ended, except for the fact that i don’t get some things.

I DON’T GET IT why can’t you move on.

I DON’T GET IT why you keep reminding me of stuffs wtf.

I DON’T EFFING GET IT why do you have to tell the whole world that you’re happy/unhappy about me. i am literally puking at some point just now. thanks.

but you know what, upon writing all this i realised something. all this while –




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