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one week without facebook? :O

30 Sep

facebook has sucked away most of my time. remember those days where you would actually go around your friends’ place and hang out? haih.

i’m spending so much time on facebook it disgusts myself. i am saying enough.

i am really in need of a facebook detox – thus i will start my one week w/o facebook challenge on the 1st of september 2010!


p/s – should i include twitter? // yes i should (:

sayang i don’t deserve you

27 Sep

this might sound like a bitch post – never intended it that way.

to look back at things, it rekindles a sudden sense of stupidity all that was. all those jokes and songs, those cookies and lattes. good ‘ol days. we were so young then, baby. so young.

but it’s a good thing though that things ended, except for the fact that i don’t get some things.

I DON’T GET IT why can’t you move on.

I DON’T GET IT why you keep reminding me of stuffs wtf.

I DON’T EFFING GET IT why do you have to tell the whole world that you’re happy/unhappy about me. i am literally puking at some point just now. thanks.

but you know what, upon writing all this i realised something. all this while –



ew ew

14 Sep

ok i’m having these rashes around my neck – itchy and blister-ish. not fun at all! 😦

and raya celebration have been okay, though i can’t wait for college. till then. 🙂

i will sound so mushy but i don’t care.

3 Sep

i came to a realization today, the fact that i really have an awesome life. a couple days ago, i was really down when i was thinking of what’s happening to me & stuff (hence the emo posts). it’s almost like a sudden epiphany that striked me in my face, when i was on the way home from hangin’ out with friends in 1u. (or it could probably because of the fact that i finished my tests today, but wth an epiphany is still an epiphany, and i’m in a good mood so imma write about some college friends). (:

when i started college, honestly i was nervous. the fact that i entered college abit later than others, i’ll be living with three other complete strangers and the fact that i AM a nervous person did not help either. but things took a complete 180 turn, and unexpected things just happen.

MAGICALLY we (housemates) clicked like a mouse (ok lame analogy) . it was the moment when we started laughing to school stories on our first mamak session, i knew these people are awesome.

then came class, albeit my awkward self-intro with a nervous stutter, people are REALLY friendly. some are instant friends, and some took some time. I COULD NOT IMAGINE WALKING INTO CLASS WITHOUT YOU GUYS seriously.

i sound so sticky sweet and saccharine now, but i don’t care!


(in no particular order)


cheery, (HOT) cherry pie that never fails to make me smile. she cracks up and smile, but deep inside she’s a beautiful person. (you only see this side of her if she wanna show you, haha.)  a different kinda person, that you would not meet everyday. my day isn’t complete w/o her. thats shuba, my instant best friend.


a wholesome kid whose kindness overwhelmes you at times, but can get annoyingly funny at the WRONG moments. not a typical smartypants you’ll meet, this very down to earth kid is very GENUINE i tell you he makes me feel like a bad person at times. my laughing mate, aravin.

kee en

annoying by first impression (like a mosquito you wanna squash), but a very good person to talk to when you know him. i know we don’t talk much in class but deep down i feel that he’s is a very, very nice, real person. everyone’s little brother, i feel very bad when he feels bad. *sigh such shit is life, kee en*. whatevs, we’re all here for you. you’re just very mature in a way, but very boyish in another! hehe.


not your average girly girl, unpredictable yet vulnerable, she’s one of the first that said hi. highly intelligent, this girl is the very definition of a friend. the VERY definition. the guy who’s geting her is a VERY lucky person. she’s pretty much, indescribable. she’s simply, shugan. (:


mother-effing smart, yet a RETARD at the same time. A VERY NICE person, too. (omg why am i surrounded by nice, nice peopleeeeeee, i feel so SINFUL at times by the things i doooo.) he’s a sweet guy who will never want to make you feel bad. and trust me u’ll FEEL very bad if you make him feel bad, cuz he’s too nice. HEHE edrea is just amazing, i’d say. a friend you can rely on. oh did i tell you he could be veru BLURRED at times too? 🙂


FUN LOUD can be sensitive and serious. annoying laugh, but once you’re his friend, you’ll never get enough of him. he’s a good listener, tend to have mood swings but after a while, u’ll get the hang of it. u have to know him to discover different sides of him then you’ll know who the real aiman is. (:


gorgeous girl with attitude, soft n sweet with a hard shell to crack. nutty, witty and fun. may seem unapproachable first, but is VERY friendly. three letters – FUN. a very good dancer. complex character – in a good way. can be your best bitch, or the bitch you wish you NEVER meet. watch out. (:

last but not least, KEN sadly i have none of his pics ): – sweet and admirable in a sense of his chivalry – and deep inside he’s romantic too!

OMG PEOPLE I TELL YOU WAT I’LL DIE IF I DID NOT MEET YOU. thanks for everything. i don’t know if i mean much to you guys, but what i know is, you guys means alot to me. :’)

p/s those who are not featured, it’s not that i don’t like you guys. ok? 🙂

no matter

1 Sep

no matter how fucked up i am

no matter how i failed my exams

no matter how much alike i am to a homeless

no matter how sick my mind is

no matter how ridiculous my jokes are

no matter how bankrupt i am

no matter how i’ve became friends with your enemies

no matter how hard it is for you to look at me

no matter how much crap i give you

no matter how bad my breath smells like

no matter how much i slurred / mocked you

no matter if i’m muslim and u’re an atheist

can i still rely on you?