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31 Aug

that’s what i feel about myself atm. some things, you just can’t tell. it’s the stuff that got you asking, am i really becoming this?

is hiding  your true self with smiles and laughter hypocrisy? i don’t know. to me, i’m just plain ashamed deep inside.

i can’t believe what you said to me last night when we were alone

23 Aug

the fact that

everything is just


doesn’t feel right;

you got me there

a loser in love

that is


21 Aug

oh hello. lunch break, MUN conference. i guess being surrounded by smarter, younger crowd does make you feel abit insecure. i wish i was younger.

i really don’t know what should i blog about atm. urgh.

out goes the old, in comes the new

16 Aug

rimbun dahan

reasons why i smile (:

i feel so bad for abandoning this blog. truth is, i have  LOTS to tell. i still will, update if i can. see ya around. 😦

p/s. and i miss school friends, a LOT. ):