17 Jun

ok some short updates coz i’m just too lazy nao,

today at 9 went to malaysia airports office, interview for their scholarship

at 2 to sime darby convention centre, final stage scholarship interview.

i’m too lazy to write all, summarize – i really sucked MAHB interview, but i liked the SD one.

it was SO FUNNY one. omg seriously, didn’t expect that. i’ll tell you some of the conversations.

there were two assessors in the room. assessor 1 – A1, assessor 2 – A2, me – M

dialog 1

A1 – hello, i’m puan … and this is puan …

A2 – eh, cik la, bukan puan…

M – oh, ok… hi

A2 – no lah, not applicable to you.

M – (-.-)’ – ( i find this funny ‘coz i did not expect the assessor to be like really friendly ok, like it’s not an assesment at all.)

dialog 2

M – i want to study in the states, specifically UPenn…

A2 – good, wow… you watched prince of persia? you know, the lead, he graduated from UPenn too…

M – the princess tamina?

A2 – no lah… what tamina tamina… JAKE GYLENHAAL laaa..

A1 – did you know that mr. bean graduated from oxford?

A2 – ya ka? wow… our hollywood stars nowadays very smart aaahhh…

M – (-.-)’

dialog 3

A1 – any other questions?

M – can you give me the scholarship?



ok people wish me luck. hehehe. (:


2 Responses to “blah”

  1. nia June 17, 2010 at 23:07 #

    good luck πŸ™‚

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