21 weird things that’s me

3 Jun

ok most of the time i consider myself abnormal/a freak compared to others. i have always tried to be/act normal around people especially in public, but the thing is, i’m not quite.

here’s some of them. i wonder if ever other people out there does/have any of these.

  1. i have super sweaty palm – it’s hyperhydrosis.
  2. i have never EVER been keen in sports, except for running (though i suck at it) – long dist lah 100 meter will sure fail one.
  3. i almost exclusively listen to mainstream music and i still can’t never quite understand why people think it’s uncool to like mainstream. most of my friends likes indie, unknown singers etc. but my genre is totally top 40.
  4. i have NEVER slept at a friends house, not even once. and there’s only two or three times my friends slept at my place. and the occasion was somewhat recent.
  5. speaking of friends, my friends mostly consists of 1.5% of best friends, 30% chat buddies (like classmates etc), and the rest (that’s 68.5%) are merely acquaintances. sad, innit?
  6. and i don’t have friends in the circumference of 10km (probably more) from my house. perhaps i have one.
  7. i never use hairstyling products, except when my hair needs to look a bit prim. don’t get me wrong,  i clean my hair etc. but i tend to avoid gel/wax/whatever. yes i buy them, but i don’t really use them. that’s why my hair kinda sucks.
  8. i have an ex who is one of my good friends right now.
  9. i read a lot of newspaper. seriously my minimum is two/day. and i scrutiny every  single page. those who were my classmates should know this. (they read free newspaper almost daily, thanks to me.)
  10. i don’t wear watches. i tried wearing it but it’s really not something that i’m comfortable with. i only wear them at times where i have to look formal. and usually i rely on my phone for time. or people around me.
  11. i do not know how to post anything other than letters at the post office. how do you post a parcel?
  12. i tend to dig up archives in blogs that i really like. almost stalking. so beware.
  13. i can’t whistle or snap fingers properly. omg seriously.
  14. i hate taking off my glasses. i just look plain weird w/o it. and i especially hate doing this when there’s people around.
  15. i dressed up as a truant school boy (with a fellow friend) during an occasion (where people dress up) in school. simply because i don’t have a nice shirt at the moment, lol.
  16. i have teachers whom i can text almost like they’re my classmates.
  17. sometimes i do care to dress up, but most of the time, i don’t. i am so used to wear a worn out tees and a pair of sweatpants. sometimes i even travel in it.
  18. i never finished a harry potter book, or film. i never watched/read anything twilight.
  19. i used to like spice girls, vengaboys, dr. bombay, aqua and such when i was about five years old. it was because of my late nanny’s then teenage daughter, who used to buy the cassettes. anyone still remember ‘barbie girl?’
  20. my mobile’s ringtone is the boring office phone “breeeeep”.
  21. the fact that i just did and POSTED this list.

am i weird or not? weird righhttt???

*updated with poll!


5 Responses to “21 weird things that’s me”

  1. mokhzani.ismail June 3, 2010 at 22:04 #

    number 15 stirs back the old memories…:)
    school truants frm tok sheikh arau?

  2. amalia amir June 6, 2010 at 18:24 #

    those things make you special in your own way! and that’s why we’re best friends today. 🙂

  3. Anonymous June 17, 2010 at 11:08 #

    Wow, we have a lot in common, my friend.

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