i’ll never be the same; if we ever meet again

12 May

seriously i’m having this impulse to do a makeover of some sort towards this blog. i might even consider moving back to blogger.

reasons :

  1. wordpress doesn’t allow me to meddle with its css codes. no custom templates for me. so i’m basically stuck to their available templates.
  2. wordpress hates java/flash. i can’t put up a chatbox, custom slideshows or stuffs like that.
  3. wordpress would not allow me to advertise.
  4. we don’t ‘follow’ other blogs. there’s something called ‘readomattic’ which i haven’t fully optimised the usage. apparently it’s integrated with twitter, too (which i do not actively utilize). and it’s hidden waaaay inside, versus blogger’s ‘reader’ which greets you on the dashboard. and you can only have feeds by wordpress sites only! *sigh*
  5. lots of you guys dwell blogger! that translates to most of you feeling lazy to leave me comments, and being unseen…
  6. there’s more but i can’t remember at the moment. *note – will update list if anything crosses mind.

and guess what, all of these features will be fully enabled. if i pay wordpress to hold my own domain.

on the other hand, i really like some of wordpress’ feature, which to me, are otherworldly. i love :

  1. the built-in stats. you’ll know how many hits you have (they even break it down for you – daily, weekly and monthly), where do your readers come from, what they clicked on your site and whatever phrases people googled, that eventually led them to your site. awesome innit? it’s almost like knowing who’s here, for what reasons. (never failed to make me feel like a spy, every time!)
  2. the fact that wordpress’ gives you more storage, that’s 3gb compared to 1gb of blogger’s. nothing much actually, but it justifies the fact that i got something more than you blogspotters. ha!
  3. the templates despite it’s not really customizable (headers don’t count as customizations), it’s really pretty and sleek! it looks pro, clean and most important, i like it.
  4. the spam protection – wordpress gives one of the best – no doubt!

it’s really depressing and dilemmatic. i can’t advertise! i can’t customize! but i love this site!

*though it’s unlikely that i would get any feedbacks, i’ll still shamelessly ask* what do you guys think?

p/s – anyway i’m totally digging this song at the moment.


3 Responses to “i’ll never be the same; if we ever meet again”

  1. mokhzani.ismail May 12, 2010 at 22:02 #

    the door’s always open for you… 🙂

  2. lcdvirgo May 16, 2010 at 20:45 #

    Wow…congrats for you,going to hong kong!awesome!
    I would like to add on something about this posts:
    First,I’m a crazy blogspot lover.haha.. 🙂
    There’re a few I would like to reply on this:
    1.The built-in stats:Actually there’re many outsourcing website providing this type of FREE services.If you notice my blog: scholarshipages.blogspot.com ,I use who’s amung us as stats count.Well,there’re also few awesome stats count like site meter and google analytics,which is very useful,and I would like to suggest these to you!

    2.Yeah,the storage is a problem,but you can outsource it too,by using photobucket to store your images,youtube or google video to store your video.And words are typically don’t occupied that much of webspace.Even a few MB is more than enough. =)

    3.I like the wordpress template,clean and simple,just like google.Even I am typing in the comment box now,I fall in love with this favourable template!But sadly,Wordpress really don’t allow us to edit CSS,except you pay it.But blogger is different,you can just change the html template if you don’t like it,anytime.There are various blogger templates out there for free,just google it you will get many results.

    4.About spam protection,I don’t really know the difference between wordpress and blogger,can you share about it?Thanks!

    • amiruddin May 16, 2010 at 22:03 #

      ok i’ll just enlighten you about the spam.

      try googling ‘akismet’. it’ll explain everything.

      and as for the stats, i like how it’s INTEGRATED with the dashboard itself you know.

      and one more i didn’t wrote up there, is the ability for you to import blogs. wordpress allows you to import from ANY platform, while blogger allows importing blogs from blogger only. (:

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