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something before i go

27 Apr

this is when she was still normal, nice!

say another prayer then fly away from here

26 Apr

according to plan, i’ll be in penang for three days, then kedah and perlis for the weekend, and bukit tinggi, pahang for another three, next week.


is it me or is it them?

23 Apr

of countless forms, essays and applications i sent for scholarships, apparently i haven’t managed to secure any interviews. none. zero. zilch. and it has always been the case of ‘maaf, permohonan anda tidak berjaya.’

i’ll be lying to say that i ain’t feel nothing. it’s not easy to see your close friends called to this and that interview, receiving various offers and even secure a scholarship when you are stuck with nothing. (and for the record, yes i am offered to do matriculation in negeri sembilan. i am grateful for this, but this is no scholarship whatever, right?)

of course i’m happy for you guys who made it. and the very best of luck to those who are waiting for their interview verdicts. yet at the same time, the thought of having to see you depart from the airport, going to another country and experiencing life, studying there, visiting places during summer and celebrating hari raya at the malaysian consulate every year kills me badly. don’t get me wrong here, i’ll still love you for whatever reasons. it’s just hard to see someone  having something that you dreamt of for years, while you were stuck with nothing. not even a chance to prove your worth. not even a single shot.

perhaps right now i’m sounding desperate and ridiculous. let’s just stop here.

but no i’m not giving up. you’ll see me there some time. just, not now.

p.s – i’m not a failure, okay.

en su bolsillo

5 Apr

quick updates; i went to watch the malaysia f1 petronas grand prix last sunday. check out the pictures here.

and right now i just got back from klcc, firdaus is here for his pnb scholarship iq test, and we watched clash of the titans. firdaus watched this movie thrice and planned for the fourth run.

and i’ll be away to kedah for the whole week. bye.

and and and, enjoy this. (: