am i bold enough for you?

19 Feb

1. I’m in my bedroom now.

2. I’m in Asia.

3. My hair is black.

4. My best friend is of the opposite sex (one of my bestfriends)

5. My best friend is my significant other.

6. I’m currently listening to music.

7. In fact, I listen to music more than 80% of the time.

8. My parents are still married.

9. I have an older sister.

10. I love skinny jeans.

11. I prefer flip-flops than shoes.

12. I have plans for tomorrow.

13. My watch is white.

14. My cell phone is neither a slide nor a flip.

15. I’m near-sighted.

16. I use smileys a lot.

17. My music player is Samsung.

18. My significant other’s birthday is in September.

19. I shave.

20. I love the rain.

21. I’m chatting with someone on instant messenger now.

22. I use MSN.

23. I have a Facebook account.

24. I’ve more or less abandoned my MySpace account. (or deleted)

25. I watch Glee.

26. I watched Avatar more than once.

27. I’m terrified of cockroaches.

28. I’m using Windows Vista now.

30. I’m not on a desktop computer.

31. I just watched a video on Youtube.

32. I have over 200 favourites on Youtube.

33. And I’ve watched at least 1000 videos.

34. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life.

35. And I don’t intend to try one either.

36. I’ve been on a plane all by myself.

37. I’d rather sing well than dance well.

38. I’m satisfied with my height, but not with my weight.

39. My hair is naturally wavy.

40. My nails are painted.

41. I know how to drive but don’t have a license yet.

42. It’s almost midnight now.

43. I own an animal print wallet.

44. I play farming games.

45. I take pictures with my cell phone a lot.

46. I love black eyeliner!

47. Saturday is my favourite day of the week.

48. And tomorrow is Saturday!

49. I loved Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa in POTC.

50. I play the piano pretty well.

tags; anyone who read this! kthxbye 😮


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