14 Jan

last sunday was the second day of my cashier training at giant plaza OUG near old klang road. as i’m getting my hold on being a cashier, memorizing which key does what on the machine, learning what are PWPs, fresh mark down and how to handle them (ain’t that easy) , this incident happened.

i know this sounds so funny but its friggin’ real, and i’m not making up stories (i have my alibi).

i was sexually harassed by a customer.

and it was a MALE customer.

shut up just read.

the story goes like this. i was helping a fellow trainee, who was operating the cash register by putting in goodies bought by customers inside plastic bags. it was lunch hour and staffs from parkson and other tenants in the mall flocks giant to get their groceries. (hey we offer unbeatable prices ok!).

then came these three malays. two ladies and a guy. the ladies looked normal. the guy was wearing a pink shirt. they bought only small stuffs, some snickers, a bottle of water. so i picked a small plastic bag and put the stuffs in. finished that, handled the plastic bag to the guy, not expecting anything. but wrong was i. the drama unfolds.

(A – me, H – harasser, F – harasser’s friend)

A : (handing the plastic to the guy – oblivious to whatever, in a robot-like manner)
H : thank you eh… (manja voice)
A : huh?
H : emm… i cakap thank you… (he came closer to me, RAN HIS FINGERS ON MY COLLAR, DOWN TO MY CHEST, FIXING MY BUTTONS.)
A : eh, apa ni… (panics and clueless, didn’t know what to do)

the guy walked away, glancing at me. and i thought that was the end.

F : eh ini sekali lah. (pointing to a chocolate bar) masuk semua sekali.

right now F insists that i put the chocolate bar inside the small plastic bag, that is with the guy. she called the guy. he approaches me with this perved look. urgh.

H : (approaches me) you nak ke chocolate ni? you nak?? nak makan?
A : err takpelah… lain kali kot.
H : (puts his hand AROUND not on, AROUND my shoulders) sorry la yer, i lawak jer…
A : (gets his hand off me uncomfortably)
H : (touching my cheek with his pointing finger) sorry yea. (smiles)
A : ok ok.

then he went off.

I WAS SEXUALLY HARASSED BY A GUY. okay what an (unpleasant) experience. but i was perplexed on when it actually happened! i frickin’ panicked and scared ok! luckily the OUG plaza was only for training. all i can say now?


p/s. it made me think, am i THAT attractive? LOL.


2 Responses to “harassment.”

  1. .firdaus. January 15, 2010 at 15:55 #

    haha.u should try ur luck gettin' work in the retail store laa.. haha..

  2. amiruddin January 15, 2010 at 16:58 #

    then the harassment will be worse, i think.

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