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an official return

29 Dec

hey peeps. seriously the blog-abandoning-syndrome symptoms are biting me right now. so i’m planning for a comeback into the blogosphere, yay me! well i haven’t really officially thought of anything to write about… really less and less juice flowing nowadays… any ideas?

anyway, some updates :

finished spm (duh)

having my driving license

applying for a rm100/day job

hunting for scholarships

learning french

infected by the potato couch virus

got a new nephew!

and waaay to much social interview on fb.

and i do really miss FRIENDS. oh how i loove Joey and Ross, did you see the episode where… no, not the TV show. my friends over in school. whichever school they are in ūüėČ

till then. see ya!

long gone the the beautiful days of kangar.