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Chocolate by the late Yasmin Ahmad

26 Aug


Potong Saga – Ho Yuhang

25 Aug

a funny yet ironic short film by Malaysian filmmaker Ho Yuhang in the 15Malaysia project, about a Chinese boy’s misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account, (involving circumcision!) watch it. notice that the main actor is Namewee, the guy who messed up our national anthem in YouTube some time ago.

i’ll post another short film by the late Yasmin Ahmad soon.


25 Aug

not the kinda juice you buy in tesco. juice as in substance. haihs. nowadays i rarely got any idea on what to write about. conclusion: i’m not juicy enuff. do we really need ideas? or i can actually write aimlessly. like what am i doing right now. HAR HAR.

question: do you post about personal problems/encounters/private matters in your blog?